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Powerise is a & #8217, a company with consolidated experience that operates in the field of mapping and calibration on electronic control units.

We address all those who work in the automotive sector (mechanical workshops, car electricians, dealerships) who intend to stay in step with the times by offering innovative technological services that allow them to fully satisfy the demands of their customers, guaranteeing maximum reliability and flexibility. of a minimal and targeted investment.

Our customers are supported by specialized technicians, with a dedicated assistance service, both by telephone and on our web portal. We provide our skills by organizing specific vocational training courses.


The company mission is to offer high quality standards and absolute customer satisfaction and our staff, always prepared and available, will be happy to offer you all the information in order to guarantee a transparent relationship based on maximum trust.

We are authorized repairers and we operate in compliance with all current regulations with state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to achieve high-level results in a very short time.